I was very impressed with Frank. From personal experience with other lawyers, I found him to be much more up-front and on top of my case. I knew where I stood at all times and my case was handled very expeditiously with very little problems. I feel he really filled my needs in a very short period of time. I referred many other friends and relatives to Frank because I feel he would do the very best job for them. He took the time to get with my doctors to really understand my medical situation.

-Charles Morton

I was involved in a head-on motor vehicle accident in which the other driver was at fault. I sustained serious injuries that would require several operations and five months of physical therapy. I was a senior in college and had been married for two months. When I returned to school, a professor recommended that I contact Frank. Over the next year, Frank took care of everything. This allowed me to focus on recovery, rehabilitation, and school. We greatly appreciated not only Frank’s professionalism, but his sincere concern and support during that time.

-Brook Gullickson, ATC, CSCS

My daughter was seriously burned when the dress she was wearing caught fire while she was lighting candles. Frank took this case on and brought suit against several large corporations. He hired the best experts from around the country to make sure the case was well-prepared. Ultimately, the case was resolved before trial and my daughter received a very large settlement. While I can’t reveal the amount of the settlement because it was confidential, I can say that my daughter’s medical, educational and income needs will be taken care of for the rest of her life. I know he took her case to heart and worked hard to make this happen.

-Sonja Trickler
Mother and Home Maker

Over the years I have referred many clients to Frank, including members of my own family. He is passionate about taking on corporate America and leveling the playing field for the average person. His representation doesn’t just end when he obtains a recovery for his clients. He is also concerned with making sure they invest their recoveries wisely. He is an honest and sincere lawyer who has done an excellent job for everyone I have referred to him.

- Dan Hoffman
Insurance Agent

I was involved in a serious head-on collision. Frank obtained a substantial recovery on my behalf. I not only considered him as my lawyer, but as a friend as well. I recommend him to anyone who has sustained serious personal injuries through no fault of their own.

- Harry Williamson
Customer Service Representative

Frank was genuinely concerned with my son’s wellbeing after he was involved in a car accident. Frank is very honest, highly competent and timely. He communicated with us throughout the entire process, providing us with all correspondence every step of the way. Frank is a true professional. I recommend him to anyone, without hesitation or reservation.

- Joseph Destefano
Probation Officer

Frank was an advocate who respected me and my case. He bec ame a friend working with and for me until we achieved a positive conclusion.

-Sharon Wicklander
Video Instructor


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